PartyJollof is going on a quick hiatus

If you are regular reader on Party Jollof, you must have noticed that our favourite blogger Kammyshow has gone radio silent over the last few weeks. We apologize for not communicating this silence sooner, because we hoped that we would find a replacement to take over from her while she went through one of the best moments of her life.

You see, Kammy gave birth to her first child, and it was the most wonderful of experiences for her. But allow her properly bond with her newborn, she has taken a short leave of absence from PartyJollof. We ask for your patience as we use this period to streamline the website and make the PartyJollof experience more enjoyable for you, and hope that when Kammy returns to helming the blog, you will be ready to join her in this new stage of her life.

If you want your PartyJollof fix, you can still follow our Instagram page and see the latest events, parties and weddings.

Thank you for always sharing with us this passion we love so much and we hope we all continue to grow together.


  • Edwin Okolo, Editor-in-Chief, YNaija.



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