Our top 30 favourite hairstyles from Bovi’s Man of fire

At the third edition of the Bovi’s Man of fire, comedy show which held last night in Lagos,we were presented with many gorgeous hairstyles but these definitely stood out.

From braids to naturalist-as, tinted, soft wavy ombre looks, sleek ponytails, ombre bun and more, we present our top hairstyles at the event.



IMG_1449 IMG_1442 IMG_1594 IMG_1586 IMG_1575 IMG_1565 IMG_1557 IMG_1555 IMG_1554 IMG_1552(1) IMG_1552 IMG_1549 IMG_1544 IMG_1539 IMG_1537(1) IMG_1537 IMG_1532(1) IMG_1532 IMG_1529(1) IMG_1529 IMG_1523 IMG_1521 IMG_1517(1) IMG_1497 IMG_1490 IMG_1482 IMG_1480 IMG_1470 IMG_1467 IMG_1462 IMG_1453(1)



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