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We are pleased to share with you the lovely wedding pictures of Opeyemi and Chigozie.


We met in 2014 at a church in Capetown, South Africa.

I was walking to catch a taxi and he offered me a lift, at first I said no, but he insisted. We chatted all through, although I saw him as a clown because he was so funny that night.

He offered me a lift again and it was same experience. Then he asked for my number for something that I can’t remember.
Then one Sunday he called asked if I wanted to chill at the beach.
It was quite annoying and I wondered where he got the gut.
Anyway I said No. So he kept looking out for me at church and then I started noticing. He asked to know me better so we went on a date and talked for a while and after that day he fell totally in love.
He actually loved me like a sister and everyone thought we were siblings.
I still don’t want a relationship for career reasons but I likes his company.
But I noticed that he liked my career and supported it.
He took me to castings and whenever he took me to any casting I got the job.
these was creepy, I told my mum after a while and she said i could give him a try. So I gave him a try and as time went on i admired his maturity, intelligence, and sense of humor. I started praying about it and I had peace to go on.

I forgot to add that from the first day we hung out he told me his intentions to marry me. So he came to take me out on Feb 14. He made me so angry that day on purpose so I don’t suspect his proposal cause am not that smart.
He took me to lunch, he wanted to propose before lunch but I was too hungry and angry cause of the quarrel earlier, so I wanted to get it over with. Anyway I ate and we started talking and I saw him on his knees and it felt so good and I was really surprised.

Afterwards we started planning to come down for our introduction. We did that and started planning our marriage.

Credit for Trad
Bride Opeyemi
Groom Chigozie

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