One writer just dragged a troll across the corridors of Twitter and we’re loving it

Have you ever been having a decent conversation and someone just comes out of the blue, or gut, and starts to spin bullshit?



@larimah, helped another Tweeter, @olalekantunde, travel down memory lane when he called her “a piece of Amphibian shit”.

She just created time for him, and decided to look into his matter.



And she went,

sad boy


Tupac gif


Then tragedy struck,

This is where the Nollywood begins,



At this stage, we already started panicking for the guy.

tinubu wait for it

crying man


My people, there is wickedness in this world, and it doesn’t even end there.

Jordan Crying

This is an armour tank in a knife fight. He will not be sorely missed.

Moral of the Story:

Do not fuck with writers.

They are going to tell an origin story you never believed existed, and you might even begin to believe it.

Its over






When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.


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