On Yoruba Demons, Nigerian girlfriends and everything in between

Forgive us, this story is not about Yoruba Demons, but word around is that they can date you forever, introduce you to their parents and ancestors but still not put a ring on it… #IsThisEvenLife

Guys always have their radars on. There are those ladies we send money for everything; her instagram location says Lagos and she wants you to send flight money. “Biko baby, where do you want to fly to?” Igbo accent engaged.

There is that pretty one that you must keep as if your life depends on it (because it actually does).Her smiles melt away everything like butter under warm heat that when mummy calls, the conversation revolves around her like “Wait mummy, who did you give birth to?”

Bill Payment 1

Her selfie is on your phone home and lock screen and you can care less what anyone thinks. Making her happy makes you happy and you can be yourself around her. When you sew aso-ebi, it’s in pairs, she catches the bouquet and it’s cool because;soon, you would go on two knees, one is never enough… LOL

There are those beautiful days when she gathers your friends and cooks for the crew, you can feel the weight of responsibility when your friends give you the wink like, ‘Bruh, if you slack one bit, there is a long queue behind her.’

 Bill Payment 2

She knows the state of your pocket two weeks into the month and Friday evenings are always alone. Back at the house, we all know that one emotionally shaky friend that always crashes those quiet dates or the attention seeking PHCN that won’t let the love be great!


This video just says it all.




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