Nope, Orubebe did not invent #WeWillNotTakeIt, but we know who did

Today is National Orubebe Day.

We will not take it

Exactly one year ago, Chief Elder Statesman Godsay Orubebe came out to protest what he called bias by the Master of Chill, Attahiru Jega, who was INEC’s captain


We all remember Orubebe chanting “We will not take it!” on live TV.

Orubebe will not take it

But while Orubebe made those 5 words popular, he did not invent them.

We travel back to June, 2010. The House of Representatives is in session. Hon. Chile Ogbuagu was asking the House to suspend the members alleging the house was corrupt.

But those members could not take it.

And you know who they were headed by? The General of the no-vex-na-God forces.Dino agbada

Chief Dino Melaye.

Dino then walks up to Hon. Chile as he reads his motion, and does the most Dino thing.Dino you will not take itHe snatches the paper and rips it. The house is now one big royal rumble.

House of Reps

While Orubebe was matched out (he didn’t turn it to wrestling, he turned it to Twitter), Dino got kicked out of the House looking like this.DIno cloth

At least now we know Kanye is a huge fan of our country.

Kanye West Yeezy

Dino Melaye and 10 others were suspended indefinitely, but praise be to God, he still went on to become a Senator, and then a baby boy, and then a “Made In Nigeria women” crusader.

The moral of the story is this; when you see something you don’t like don’t take it! Don’t you ever.

If they ask you why you did it, tell them it is to save the soul of Nigeria, like Orubebe was trying to do.



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