No prank, someone really filed a restraining order against God

Yep. This is not a joke.

Someone did file a restraining order against the Almighty God.


But that’s not even the worst part. It was filed by someone who, according to the Bible, is one of God’s children.


The plaintiff, David Shoshan, appeared before a Haifa Magistrate Court last Tuesday demanding that God stop interfering in his life.

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Shoshan said he had filed uncountable number of reports to the police department, but they only answered him like 10 times.woman1


When he got tired of going to the Israeli police, he came to court to get justice.

Hands on head


A Nigerian Judge would have given this type of reply.

Judge Jazzy correct


But the presiding Judge, Ahsan Canaan simple threw out the case. Because life can be spent doing less absurd things.

As to whether or not God showed up in court to defend Himself, that is up for debate.

On one angle, he wasn’t there in person. On the other angle, since God is believed to be Omnipresent, was He actually there throughout the court session? And was he there to defend Himself or was He there as Judge? If He was there at Judge, does that mean the presiding Judge was just wasting his time there?



Questions, questions, questions.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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