Nigeria’s power generation hit 0MW yesterday, but it’s nothing

Nigeria is an amazing country.Will smith what

We hit 0 megawatts of generated electricity yesterday according to Punch newspapers. For three hours.Eddie murphy gif

But its nothing. Its no biggie. Its no biggie that Africa’s largest economy, 180-million-people strong, wasn’t generating enough electricity to power a phone.Nene Leakes sleep

It is no biggie that even if we decide to abandon government’s source of power, we’d still not get enough fuel to buy, because the queues won’t be disappearing till May and our NNPC guy, Ibe Kachikwu is not a magician.

Ibe magic

It is no biggie that Fashola no longer addresses the press as much as he was doing when he was governor of Lagos.Fashola

We understand, must be the workload.

And it’s no biggie that Muhammadu Buhari is sitting very still, because his body language appears to be saying nothing regarding this.Buhari media chat4

Must be the jet lag. We understand.

Lets not even begin to talk about how a budget meant for running 2016 has not yet been signed, but a quarter of the year is already gone.Buhari-2-390x330

It’s those people meddling with it again. We understand. We’ll just go on with leaving our lives. If we hit 0 again, and there’s no fuel, there’d still be musical instruments, and we can dance till we forget our sorrows.Shina Peters

How amazing can a bunch of human beings get?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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