#NigerianHorrorStory: What’s the worst thing that could happen to you at the bus stop?

You know those days when everything seems to be going right for you? When you manage to reach the bus stop and nobody stains your crisp shirt.



While you’re there chilling, you see one really nice person and both of you start a conversation.

Simi love dont care


A bus comes and both of you enter. You are even headed for the same place. Must be a sign from the universe. Must be potential bae.

Dammy Krane Prayer


Then you want to enter Danfo and the conductor looks like this.

Angry black man


But you don’t care, because you’re with a pinging baby girl. You enter the bus fast so you can sit beside her, at the back of the bus. Everything is going as planned.

Then the conductor says, “Money for front”. You check for your wallet, but its not there.


“Oga, wey your money?” He’s hovering over you now.

Sweating man


You want to give him excuse but he’s already looking into your soul like.

black man


You want to tell him that you had money in your wallet before someone pick-pocketed you at the bus stop. You want to tell him that this your starched shirt is not just packaging, that you actually have money, not like you’re rich, but you can pay transport. But in your head, this is his response.

Crazeclown slap


And again.

Deliverance slap


So you just maintain. Everybody in the bus is looking at you like.



And someone beside you stretches out money to pay. “For two,” she says. It is the girl from the bus stop.

Clapping crying


You want to thank her but your mouth just keeps hanging like bad signal.

Will smith pursuit of happiness


She just smiles at you and comes down at the next bus stop. And you know for the rest of your life, she’s going to remember you as that guy she helped inside bus.

crying i rain


What is your worst bus stop story?





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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