#NigerianHorrorStory: That time small change put you in deep shit

You enter bus feeling fresh and fly, ready for everything the day is going to bring.

Wizkid Danfo


You balance well, someone wants to step on you but you quickly move your leg before they can step on your shoes. Fresh.Jidenna


The bus moves and the conductor starts asking for money. You check your pocket, and your money is gone.

Nervous gif


You freeze. Check your pockets. Check your bag. Check everywhere. Check under your shoe, maybe you matched the money and one chewing gum you stepped on glued it there. Dude, its over. You have no money.

Hands on head1


Impossible. It can’t be happening to you.




You start to question your own sanity. “But, I left the house with the money, I entered bus. I paid the conductor and then I came down…” Then it hits you. You forgot your change with the last conductor.

Sad Chiwetel

You start to wonder why bad things happen to good people. Your mind is weighing everything, trying to process it. Every time, your mind gives you one result: “You’re in deep shit.”

Hands on head

Just in time, you hear the conductor shout, “Money for back!” and he’s looking at you like:
Angry black man
And you just know you’re in deep shit. This guy doesn’t look like he wants to negotiate, and you’re just there like:
Sweating man
You try to speak, but your voice comes out soft like a newborn baby.
Black child

You manage to speak, “My money done lost”, but even you cannot hear yourself.


You are hoping for some miracle to happen again. So you check your pockets once again.

Michael Jackson

You are at the middle of 3rd Mainland Bridge and the conductor is already threatening to pursue you down, you start to imagine yourself trekking,


But you have not eaten today and you know you will faint midway.

chuzzu cry

Then someone beside you, says, “No worry, I go pay for am.” You look at the person to thank them but as you try to talk:

Caleon cry

You start to wonder whether they are doing you from your village, or maybe God is punishing you for not giving beggar money a few hours ago. Or because you pushed someone while you were struggling to enter bus. Or maybe it is the meat you stole when you were 7 years old.

crazeclown cry

Finally, you reach your bus stop and come down.

Thank God

Then you remember that you still have three more buses to arrive at your destination.

Fainted gif



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