#NigerianHorrorStory: That time Femi tried to fool his mum

Entering SS1 is really not beans in Nigerian secondary schools. You have juniors to boss around, plus you start wearing trousers.

Falz men


Femi is just another SS1 boy having the time of his life. His voice in now deeper, the long break has made him fresh, small teddy (sideburns), and of course, all the girls want to hold him for ransom.

Falz woman


When all his teachers are teaching, Femi is like.


All deez is none of my business.

And then first term result comes out and he looks at it like.Winnie1

Deez nor my result.

But the teacher can go to hell, so Femi just buys tippex, changes his 5 F’s to P’s. So when his classmates ask if he failed any subjects, he says none.Jidenna

When he gets home, his mum asks him about his result. ”It is fine”, he answers. And in his head, he’s like.Falz boxer

Then she drops the bomb on him.

Ngozi result

She sees the tippex and asks, he lies that it is his teacher.



And she goes, “Every teacher who makes a correction on a result sheet must sign on it, I need to go and see that your teacher tomorrow.”

Nervous gif

And then Femi starts to think of what will happen in school.

Samtakesoff belt


So he tries to explain, “mummy…”

Kanye sad


”I’m the one that…”

Crazeclown slap


Femi is survived by his father, mother, and sister.

chuzzu cry





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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