Nigerian Horror Story: When your village people look into your online betting matter

The elders have a saying,

Pete mad


Bob likes the baby boy life. And even though he’s just a student, he has interesting ways of raising funds. Like the time he told his dad that they were going on excursion to one factory that doesn’t even exist. Or the time he broke a micro-organism and he said he had to pay a fine or face expulsion.

Donald glover shock

Trust his semi-literate businessman dad, he paid the money in, ₦50, 000, first thing the next day. Of course, he made his son promise to not “break such an expensive equipment again”.

Caleon cry

Then when Bob had run out of lies, he discovered a new tactic to raise money; online betting. This was his pot of gold. Baby boy was making bets and cashing out, and of course, turn that for who na?

wiz khalihah dancing


Bob was a serial winner. Its like the gods of betting where always on his side like,

Shaking hands style


Bob was the guy with the right odds to win every bet. Baby boy was kinging. So one day, because he was so sure of his betting genius, homeboy took most of his school fees to use to turn up. ₦80,000.
Hands on head

He kept making more money to replace it, but he kept re-spending it because you know, he was sure he was going to win again.Nod


One week to the deadline for paying school fees, and Bob new he was in deep shit. But then again, online betting to the rescue.



So he bets with his remaining money, ₦20,000 because of course, with the right wins, his school fees will be sorted in a jiffy.

Will Smith worry


And Bob placed his bets on some teams. Sure matches. The Barcelona-will-win-3-nil type of sure bets. But you see ehn, Barca now went to draw the match, and what he needed was a win.

Fainted gif


Lost bet means money gone. Money gone means no school fees. No school fees means no exams. No exams means his parents will kill him.

crying little man

As if that was’t bad enough, one of his room mates came to troll him,

tongue out silly


Bob told him to stop. Oga was still trolling, using him to catch trips.



Then Bob entered that fuck-it moment. And in that moment, he found a bread knife.



We tried to contact Bob’s father regarding Bob, after he had been expelled of course. His father told us to go and check the Barracks where he left him.

Soldiers beating

Don’t worry, neither Bob nor his roommate died. But betting is not as attractive as it used to be.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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