Nigerian Horror Story: The curious case of the ATM ghost

It is just another typical Monday evening. You have just come out of crazy traffic and have arrived home at past 10pm.


NEPA (once a NEPA, always a NEPA) is foolish so your generator is on as usual. You have settled into the house, are watching TV and having an 11pm dinner because you cannot come and die.

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You receive an email alert but you don’t just care enough to check. Then another one.

DJ Khalidd

Another one.

ANother one

So you decide to check. It is your bank sending you debit alert, three times. The daily withdrawal limit has been reached. The time of the debit is right now but you are in your house, crossing leg, eating rice and watching TV.


You quickly call your bank, network failure. It is then that you remember you used the ATM earlier in the evening. The alert also says the withdrawal happened at the same ATM you withdrew earlier. You check your wallet, but your card is there.

confused babyThen you remember stories you heard about ATM card fraud and it’s looking like you have become a victim. It is 5 minutes to 12. No cab so you quickly borrow your friend’s bicycle to ride to the ATM which is like 20 minutes away. As you’re going, you get another alert.

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But you quickly get back up and continue. When you get to the machine:

Snape crying

All your salary for the past month, gone! And it is only the first day of a new month.

leaving crying


Is this life?

Falz warning meme

The streets are not smiling. Check the machines to be sure there is nothing funny about the card slots. Your card could get cloned. Watch your backs. Stay safe.

Ngwa bye.



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