Nigerian Horror Story: That time Dan was robbed in broad daylight

Dan is a baby boy and doesn’t like stress in his life.

He knows going to work everyday in Lagos is as stressful as a second job, so he decides to make life easy for himself. He hires a driver to drop him off and pick him from work everyday. Fresh.


So one Monday morning, he’s in the front seat of his cab, pressing phone in traffic. Bae is texting, he is replying.

Man of Steel smile

Dan is on a roll; Facebook, Instagram, Nairaland, all at the same time. Life is good.


A guy at the side of the road is just doing his morning stretches.

crack-neck gif

But Dan doesn’t notice, because bae is texting, and he is replying. Life is still good.

Sheyman na me

Mr Stretcher can see that the traffic is moving ahead, so he shifts his stretching to just beside Dan’s wound-down window, but Dan doesn’t notice because bae is texting, he is replying, and life is good.

Falz sneak

So just as Dan’s cab starts moving and is about to pick up pace, Mr stretcher snatches Dan’s phone and when Dan looks back to find the thief.


Gone. Now you have a phone, now you don’t.


And suddenly, Dan is looking like somebody snatched his destiny.

sad boy

And the ‘life’ he was calling good was now looking at him from outside like,

Jordan laughing

And Sam just sits quietly all the way to the office. When he tries to say good morning to his colleagues.

Will smith pursuit of happiness

And his colleagues ask him, “Dan what’s the problem?”


And when he finally tells them, the first thing someone says is, “But why did you sef forget to wind up while pressing phone at Ojota?”

Kanye sad

But as a hard guy, Dan puts it behind him and tries to move on with his life. Then he remembers the phone again.

Jordan Crying

And then he starts laughing-crying.

laugh cry

And they think Dan has gone mad, so they ask him what’s up.staring

And he goes, “I don’t have money to buy phone because I used my salary to fix my laptop.”

And then he realises one thing again, it is only the 10th of the month.

Fainted gif

Life is no longer good.



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