Nigerian Horror Story: Nightmare on Magun street

Friday evenings should be great, but this one is extra boring. Your guys are out of town. Your babe said she’s going for night vigil, and you’re just there, home alone.

Depressed Chris Brown

Then you receive a call from one woman you’ve been ignoring since. You really are not in the mood but you still try to respect yourself.

“I’m bored, and my body is doing me one kain,” she says in that voice you know means ‘gerrovahia’.

“Okay, go and play with your husband now” you say.

And then she says, “My husband has travelled”.

shock phone

‘Your husband has what?’


close shave driving


Five minutes later, she calls to ask where you are.g

Basketmouth laugh meme


You head up to her room and she says, “Oya off cloth.”


Jim Carey clothes


You start action and the entire neighbourhood starts to panic.


earhquake gif


And then you climax.



Oya, time to stand up, but you’re just like…



She’s telling you to stand up, but you can’t.

Pink gif


You try and try and try, but nothing.


crying man God


And then it dawns on you, it is Magun!


crying little man


By the time you look up, crowd has already gathered at the entrance of the room.




People are already bringing out camera to snap pictures, so you finally wriggle out and try to escape.




Then the Magun kicks into final gear.



And you just die like fowl. Your family and friends fall into mourning, but guess whose blog is about to explode.




So uncle, stay in one place before you’ll end up on Linda Ikeji.

Pete Well

End of.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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