Mark Zuckerberg is in Lagos, and Nigerian Jollof wins, again

Mark Zuckerberg is in Lagos.

Mark twitter


No, no, no, there was no convoy. Just the billionaire and Founder of Facebook trekking on the streets of Yaba.

Mark Yaba


He spent time at CC-Hub with our techies, the same guys helping us hack our way into the future.

Mark CC


And then went on to Andela, that place where world-class, badass developers are getting forged.

Man has to check on his investment.

That’s not all. He went jogging today. At our peng Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge.

But you see, that’s not the best part. tinubu wait for it

Mark Zuckerberg was at the Facebook Developers’ Conference today, and he said this.

Mark Zuckerberg and The Nigerian Jollof


This is what he was trying to say.

Senegalese Jollof (1)

So you see, why all the other Jollof are like,

Screaming woman


Nigerian Jollof is just there like,



Nigerian Jollof is the king. Long live Nigerian Jollof.

Falz boxer

This Jollof rice debate is officially over. Forever.

Its over


Now, we move over to more important issues like how he acknowledges that Nigerian snail is good meat and the amazing stuff  Nigerians are doing in tech.


So to every Nigerian out there, doing amazing stuff against all the ruthless odds, this one’s for you.

Clapping crying





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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