#MAMA2016: Nigerians can’t seem to figure out what Korede Bello wore

The MAMA Awards held last night in South Africa and Uncle Korede Bello turned up in this costume.

Image result wey dey for korede bello mamas

Is not as if we are complaining o, after-all what do we know about fashion, we leave that to our people at  TOS. We just want to know what the outfit was supposed to be.

Image result wey dey for confused meme

Luckily for us, we were not the only ones confused by our brother’s costume, the whole of Nigeria spent half of last night trying to decide what he went as.


Could it be as a NEPA man?


Maybe fire fighter.

Oil worker?

Last last probably mechanic

According to the artiste, his outfit was all part of a grand plan to get people’s attention.

 Image result wey dey for na so meme



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