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Let’s face it, going through the motions of planning a wedding and walking down the aisle will give you enough project management experience to start your own business. With all the money spent to make your day the best, here are a few avenues you could use to get them back:

Write a Book
Your life can be as vivid as you would like others to see; presentation is key when writing your wedding memoirs. There are many spheres of your journey to the aisle that you can focus on, and these may include the evolving relationship with your spouse, wedding planning without help or budgetary advice.

Rent used Wedding Items
If you bought all your wedding décor items for your intimate-sized wedding, do not think that they are completely useless. It’s a great opportunity to make some money by using them as rentals for a variety of events. Some wedding décor can be used at bridal showers, birthdays and even special dinners.

Sell your Wedding Dress
You saw you bought; you wore- the end. What happens after your wedding? Do you really want your daughter to wear your hand-me-down or would you rather regain some of your money on that designer wedding dress off the hangers of Saks Fifth Avenue? You’ve taken all the pictures anyway!

Start a Blog
Are you good at advising on a range of issues regarding marriage or planning weddings? A good opportunity may involve creating digital content on social platforms like YouTube for video diaries or a simple WordPress blog that you update with pictures and written content, regularly. As you gain following over time, you could monetize your blogs by placing ads on your page.

Plan an Event
Use your newly acquired project management experience to help other people with their events under a new job title- Event Planner. Yes, you can do it! Since you have the knowledge of introduction, traditional and white wedding ceremonies, take this wealth of experience into hustling in a lucrative billion-dollar industry.

Have you ventured any of these avenues before? If you did, was it worth it? Remember always to prepare and do adequate research before venturing into a new business.

Written by Feso Adeniji



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