Made In China spare body parts are now available

Everything is made in China.

Whether you’re looking for replica gadgets or even cars, be rest assured you will find it in China.


Now you can buy spare body parts too.

The Longhua funeral home in Shanghai is 3D-printing spare body parts to enhance the burial experience.

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It is understood that bodies sometimes arrive at the morgue badly damaged from accident or mutilation. This technique enables an easier and more precise process.

3d hand

Bringing this technology back home, one needs only to look at the spate of kidnappings due to the blood money rush. Would this make a reasonable alternative to the savage act of slaughtering people for their body parts?


Definitely not. Because the idiots can clearly tell its not real body tissue. Even though the printouts are about 95% accurate, and made with material that feels like real body tissue, they are not exactly real. It is all a cosmetic process.

This technology might make the business of prosthetics even better for people who need missing limbs, and body parts.

Great stuff.

Clapping crying




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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