Lets face it, Dino Melaye is a genius and here is all the proof you need

If you haven’t noticed, Senator Dino Melaye has more things than one in common with Marvel Comics’ Iron Man,(nope. We are not talking about physical attraction.)

These guys are both rich. Tony Stark got filthy rich off his father’s empire.


Dino, on the other hand, off his fatherland.

Dino agbada

Tony likes expensive toys.

Tony Stark

So does Dino.

Dino car

There’s their reputation with women.

sealed lips

And most importantly, they both are geniuses.

Now we recognise Tony Stark’s genius; he builds great toys designed to kill people. What we haven’t yet acknowledged is Dino’s.

tinubu wait for it

In a 2nd of March sitting at the Senate, he said:

“We will also move in order to encourage made-in-Nigeria products and begin to talk about made-in-Nigeria women.

Apologies to my uncle, the Governor of Edo State, we must as a people stop paying dowries in dollars and pounds. It is time for my colleagues here to become born again.”

See, this is where the genius comes in. Not many will understand Dino’s statement but we’re here to help you.

Forget that Oshiomhole part. He’s basically saying we should patronise “Made In Nigeria” products, because that’s what women are (to the best of his grammar). Products.

Black woman shock

Products that you can just pick out from a community, like you pick out a fruit at the local market, ripe or not, and travel with the product, with or without consequence.

Just because you can.

gaze gif

And really why would you buy a product outside the country when it is available locally? That’s bad for the economy, right, Dino?

kanye shake head gif

So that’s why you should spend that money at home. Basic Economics.


And you know what happens when you have so much of the product available in the local markets? Yep, you’re right. You export. Take as many products, smuggle them across the desert, and make them spread their thighs for uncountable men and even send money back home. Its a win-win.

chuzzu cry

So yes, Dino wants us to do local women and save the forex, because women are products, things that you can knock to shape and throw around in petty banter.

Hands on head

His statement is so important that he’s going to get paid tens of millions this month alone because he said it.

We haven’t asked uncle Dino how he got so smart, but we bet when we ask, he’s going to say one thing;

Dino Melaye no vex

Bravo Dino. Bravo.





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