Laolu Senbanjo is the Afromysterics art pioneer Nike and everyone else is talking about

Everything is my canvass.

That’s kind of his motto, and there are no truer words you’ll hear from Laolu Senbanjo. He is a lawyer by ‘fatherly requirement’, but what he really breathes is art.

My latest creation! #laolusenbanjo #everythingismycanvas

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He calls his art a word he created, Afromysterics —the African thought pattern.

We are not even going to talk about the great music he makes, we’ll just talk about the greatness of his art.

#blacklivesmatter #Yourvoicematter #inspireeachother

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Because everything is his canvas, his paintings on people will throw your mind back in time to when deities were men and women among us. Whether its bareskin,  

Or a cup.


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When he creates art, it feels like he brings the spirit and very essence of that person or thing to the fore. So he’ll take a random cup, and make it look like Sango drinks palm wine from it.  

He’ll take an everyday man, and make him into a god.

The God King! #ObaKoso #sacredartoftheori #Sango #laolusenbanjo Muse @chidofauxreal

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Because Nike recognises this as greatness, they want to be a part of it.

Are you still in doubt as regards the greatness of his work?  

#sacredartoftheori Human canvas: @sarlejeffries ? @seafoto13

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