Lala Akindoju and Chef Fregz wedding: Moment Adekunle Gold surprised the couple

No doubt, Lala Akindoju and Chef Fregz are the couple of the moment. Today is the white wedding ceremony of the gorgeous award-winning actress Kemi Lala Akindoju and her sweetheart Gbubemi Fregene aka Chef Fregz.

The celebration is being attended by friends and family however, one of the highlights of the ceremony was the moment ace singe, Adekunle Gold decided to surprise the couple by honoring them with a star performance

The bride is wearing a stunning dress from Mai Atafo while her groom looks super dapper in his piece from Mai Atafo were dancing and enjoying the music of the singer not realizing he was actually approaching them.

Evidently carried away with the love and music as they professed the lyrics of the song to each other, the singer successfully crept up on them holding the microphone.

It was not until the bride turned around in excitement that she realized what had just happened as they all roared in laughter as she screamed in excitement.

Lala who is known for her poise,charisma and class managed to put herself together as she danced beautifully to the rendition of the artiste



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