Lagos is replacing danfo buses, and we have 7 questions

Ambode is not playing at all.



We heard about the MOU regarding 3rd Mainland Bridge and it blew our minds.



Then we heard they want to turn Oshodi bus stop to London.

Ambode Oshodi

Now, everyone is talking about what is going to be the future of ‘Danfo’ movement in Lagos.

New Danfo


The future is 30-seater buses that will have air-conditioning.



No more “please can you move your yansh small?” Sit with all your pride.

Kiss Daniel dance

But as good as this looks and sounds, we have questions. Many questions.

First of all, why are the buses white and blue? What is going to happen to our beloved Lagos colour?

crying man


Black and Yellow is the Lagos brand.


Remember those SURE-P buses we never really saw? Are we even going to see these buses?Stanley Hudson

Erm. Next question.


Will these buses be enough for the entire Lagos?

black man


Like, are the buses going to be available before they completely phase out the rickety buses? Considering majority of the present ones are rickety? Are we going to be stranded at bus stops like that time they banned Okada and everybody started trekking all over the place?

Are they going to pass inner streets when there’s traffic or pass BRT lane when traffic is too much?

Odunlade upstairs


Okay. Next question.

Will there be conductors?


Who is going to call passengers? Or are the routes going to be on the LED display in front of the buses. Does that mean we’ll soon hear the last of our rhythmic and raspy conductors screaming “Eko-Idumota wole pelu change e”.

Caleon cry


Are we going to have a ticketing system like BRTs or will it still be the “enter with your change” system?


What is going to happen to the old danfo squad?


Conductor Uch Bebe

Are these drivers going to be trained and integrated into the new bus system? If it happens otherwise, think of how the unemployment rate will shoot to the skies.

Ambode sense


Over to you, what else do you think the state government should put into consideration?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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