Job hunting is a struggle, and this post is for everyone who ever experienced it

The hustle for employment is excruciating. If you have ever been on that pursuit for employment, you can surely relate to these photos.

1. When you are fresh out of higher institution and they are asking for 5 years post-NYSC experience.

Don jazzy buy

Kuku tell me to gerrout.

2. When you have applied so many times, you don’t even know which job is which anymore.



“So what do you know about this company?”

3. And then you mistakenly sent the email header of the previous company you applied for.

Snape crying

“Please ignore previous email. My enemies sent it.”

4. When you see a job opening that wasn’t publicised and hope no one hears.

Falz sneak

This is mine.


5. Then you get there and meet the entire country.


Why me?

6. When you see someone else’s CV and you immediately know the website they got that format.

Nene leakes side eye

That format is old-fashioned.

7. When an interviewer says “we’ll get back to you.”

Will smith pursuit of happiness

Can you get back to me right now? Please?

8. You waiting for them to get back to you.

crazeclown cry

Is that how you people used to do?

9. When everyone is talking about how great their jobs are on the Internet.

Everything sucks

I hate you all.

10. When your parents see you at home during the day.


Abba Looking

Shebi your brother promised me job.

11. When you’re so tired of applying, you start thinking of doing blood money.


Fresh head. Fresh dollars.

12. But you’ve watched enough Nigeria movies to know you will eventually die or run mad.

Kanayo mad

No thanks.

13. You meet people and they ask you what you’ve been up to.


Kanye Laugh


I just dey.

14. Then one day, you just stop applying.

Fuck this shit

This is not my own.

15. And then you start to remember all the people who became successful without nine to fives.

You can do it


Hustle must pay. Starting now.




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