Falz is the complete entertainment package- and we have proof

Lets face it. We have eaten Falz’s delicazy and we are stucked hon im, honezzly.

We first fell in love with Falz ‘High Class-Wazzup Guy-Currency’ days.
Falz high class

Then he just disappeared and had us thinking, “Oh, he’s probably just another Morachi, AY.COM, Bigiano, Deebee waka-pass, one-hit-wonder.”

What we didn’t know was that he went back to get a degree and also worked hard to make his art better.

Falz gym

And when he finally came back, he didn’t bombard us with music, he first introduced us to the alter ego, Uncle Taju.

Meet Falz the comedian.

Falz returing with the faux Yoruba accent was a well needed break from the over-flogged Hausa version that was on every gate man’s tongue in every movie or music video.

Falz made razz cool, literally, and thus, the #ElloBae movement was born.

Falz ello bae

Meanwhile, he was just prepping us for the triumphant return, dropping one single after the other from his yet-to-be-released sophomore album.

Then the album dropped.


Everywhere was jus shaking. Eez now looking like World War 3 haff start.

As regards replay value, Falz’s “Stories That Touch” was arguably the album sitting on the throne in 2015. From start to finish.

This, by all standards, was a definitive statement that;

Falz “TheBahdGuy” rapper is back.

Falz boxer

When businesses see a following, they see an ambassador, and so, the brands started to rush him and bamtise his life with endorsements and partnerships.


From MTN to Cheki, to PushCV, to Peek Meek, Remy Martin and WebMall, amongst others.

Can we all agree about this concerning Mr Folarin Falana,

Falz is the brand guy.

But he din stop there. Falz started doing feem and his first shot at it was in Jenifa’s Diaries, a series which saw him win an AMVCA for Best Male Comedian. A category where he beat established actors in the industry.

Falz simpu sturvs

You should see him thank the fans,

Lets not even forget he’s playing a role in the forthcoming Couple of days movie.

Everybody, give it hup for.

Falz the hactor.Clapping crying

Then again, there’s

Falz the wazzup fashion guy.


And the other shades he has been showing Toyin Tomato and the one Karashika has been begging for.

sealed lips

Love him or love him, Falz is the ultimate bahd guy (just because it is illegal to hate Falz. It’s in the constitution).

Eddie murphy shock

So when they think they’ve reached the finish line, Falz is only just getting started.

Badass athlete

When you hear kpa kpa kpa, just clap for #TheBahdGuy.



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