It started from FUTA! Tolu & Gbenga’s love story and pre-wedding photos

Met our couple of the week, Tolu and Gbenga.

Their photographer, FM Fotos recently shared their pre-wedding album and love story with us, enjoy!


Usually, when new acquaintances meet, the conversation is often about trying to know so many things about each other; like the number of siblings, the person’s occupation, one’s backgound and the like. But our love story is a bit different from that. 

Love… Passion… Romance!!!


When he’s the reason you Laugh a little Harder… Cry less and Smile a lot more…

Before I came across Tolu in 2011, we had, apparently, been attending the same church; the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, FUTA Chapter, for a long time, but we never really met, until one (blessed) Sunday when I saw her from the distance and that spirit in me told me “Oriola, this is who you have been looking for.”

That special type of big smile.. when in the arms of the one you love..


Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you!!


Be crazy.. Be silly.. Be wired… Be whatever.. Fall in Love.. Because life is too short to be anything but Happy!!!


But you know I love you .. right ?

That reminds me of one of the famous quotes by William Shakespeare, which says, “Whoever loves, loves at first sight.” From that moment on, even though I had not approached her directly, my heart craved her attention, and within me, whether in my lone moments or in the midst of friends, I savoured good thoughts of her. Anytime I got to church, I almost turned myself to a ‘monitoring spirit’, looking out for where my adorable damsel sat.


After all, the Bible says wherever one’s treasure is, his heart seeketh… and in the presence of God, there is liberty. On several occasions, I forced myself to sit close to where she was, peradventure there would be an avenue to talk to her and deliver my ‘manifesto’ but it didn’t happen so fast. I nursed those thoughts until I graduated.


 But, blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. On the day of our Passing Out Parade at the NYSC orientation camp in Iyana Ipaja in Lagos in 2011, suddenly, I saw a bus, with FUTA written on it. Just by looking at the occupants to see if I would recognise any of them, there she was in the bus.








 I almost thought I was imagining things, but without wasting time or minding who was watching, I rushed to her and quickly introduced myself. Of course, we exchanged numbers and the conversation began from there. I knew, convincingly, that that was the beginning of a truly gratifying friendship. I then asked myself why I didn’t make the move earlier?




Perhaps it was God’s timing. Tolu, since I have known her, seems to always carry her demeanour with such grace and humility that even friends and distant acquaintances could learn from. I had barely known her for long when I realised she has a good heart with a remarkable cluster of attributes; she is confident, intelligent, and more importantly, very good looking. A very striking personality you could say.




Look here.. ?? see the smile on their faces…. ‘HappyEverAfter’ just started and they know it!

However, April 2, 2016, remains a day to remember, as she gave her response to my request for her hand in marriage, and it was a YES. I felt lucky and blessed. Till this day, Tolu, I have continued to cherish your ways and adore your uniqueness. My love, I assure you that I love you. 




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