Is God speaking to too many people at once? 6 times we doubted the message

There used to be a time when the heavens would open and God would speak to a special servant who would in turn, relate it to the people. So the believers would gather round, and listen to what God said to the chosen messenger.

Those times are long gone now.

Maybe it’s the internet, or the larger population, or the effects of science and technology on our food, or the air, but God appears to be talking to too many people at the same time. That shouldn’t be much of a problem, but they seem to be hearing many funny things.

Take the pastor of a particular church in Abule Egba, Lagos.

God gave him a simple instruction, “set someone in your parish ablaze” so that ‘His Might’ can be exhibited. The obedient servant did as he was instructed, and an eager believer stepped forward to help. She was doused in kerosene, and a fire was lit.


She wasn’t supposed to burn, but then, the fire did what God designed it to do; burn. And my oh my, did it do a good job.

There’s also the case of the Sarki of Sambisa, Oga Shekau.

Shekau meme

This guy is not only the terminator who keeps coming back from the dead, he also has God on speed dial, and according to him, Baba has been picking up the call. In a Jan 20, 2015 video, he claimed God told him to massacre the people of Baga. He even said that was only the tip of the iceberg. Clearly his confidence was inspired by the strong reception with which his phone connects.

There’s the high priest Clifford Nmenabu.

That’s our Clifford on the left

God has been speaking to this man since 1971, a year after the Civil War. But God didn’t just speak, He taught him some Geography when he showed a map divided into two; Nigeria and Biafra. Another visit happened in 1996. We can’t say anything yet sha, as it doesn’t appear God put a timeline on this. Guess who got busted for gun running? You guessed right.

Ah! what about Alhaji Musa Ayeni.

Musa Ayeni

I know I know. You barely know who he is, but God does not discriminate. At least God made him assistant Governor of Ondo State.

He said, “I came into the race because God directed me to contest the election. God told me categorically that I will succeed President Goodluck Jonathan.”We dunno sha. One thing we do know is that he doesn’t believe in reincarnation, so there are no claims that he is in some form, ruling Nigeria, in the flesh of Muhammadu Buhari.

Then there’s Chairman Timothy Ngwu of Enugu.

Timothy Ngwu

God was just telling this man to multiply the parish by pollinating the women of his parish, married or not. He anointed 20. It’s not an easy job, but someone has got to do it.

What is a contact list of God without Sat Guru Maharaj-ji?


We don’t know exactly whether he’s claiming to be the god everyone has been talking to, or he’s just a close friend, but he said; “There is no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming presidential election.”

We can’t tell if it was poor reception or miscommunication that led to this mis-prophecy, but the man currently leading the charge at Aso Rock never wears hats and always has his glasses on.


This compels us to ask, what are these people smoking who exactly is speaking to these people? Is it the One God of the Scriptures, or the many-faced God in the Game of Thrones series? Or just a select few from Hinduism’s 330 million consciousnesses of God?





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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