In light of the Ogoni cleanup, there’s no better time to appreciate this Senegalese photographer

The Ogoni oil spill is the worst environmental disaster in Nigeria’s history.

Ogoni oil spill

On June 2nd, a 30-year restoration project was officially flagged off by the current administration.

Ogoni cleanup opening

In the big picture, Nigeria is not alone in the prison of this enemy called pollution, and a Senegalese photographer is showing all of Africa, and the world.

Enter Fabrice Monteiro.

Exposition La Voie du Baye Fall du photographe sénégalais Fabrice Monteiro dans le cadre du festival Par ICI-Dakar et du Tandem Dakar-Paris, à l'Institut des Cultures d'Islam (Paris 18e)

Photographer. Artist. Dreamer.

In his ‘The Prophecy’ project, Fabrice Monteiro teams up with costume designer Doulsy and the Ecofund Foundation to use photography to show pressing environmental issues.


Using garbage and waste found from the location they shot, they made dresses to reflect the state of the environment on humanity. From the garbage heaps, to the sites of heavy deforestation.


And cables.


There’s the one that gives us a glimpse at the extent of the Ogoni damage.



And the damage we do to our waters in our own ‘little’ way.


Then the ghettos.



And the floods.



Everyday life.


Perhaps, Fabrice Monteiro is telling us that the little pieces of plastic, and our little contributions to the grand waste problem, will one day blow up in our faces.


Maybe, just maybe, our own ‘safe’ environment is an Ogoni-in-waiting.

Find more works of Fabrice here.



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