In 10 funny photos, we reimagined Falz’s ‘Soldier’ as a secondary school love story

We asked Falz TheBahdGuy for a dope music video for ‘Soldier’, and he said,

Falz simpu sturvs


So he went on to give us a great short film, and here’s what we had to say about it.

We still had to GIF the heck out of the entire video and re-tell the story as a secondary school love story.

Just because we can.

1. That first day of school when you finally enter SS3.



Big boys and bahd guys.

2. And now you can tell your juniors to fan you while you sleep.


When you’re big, you’re big.

3. When you think you’re already in a relationship just because you helped a girl do her assignment.


After all my adwork.

4. And you try to tell her you love her but she starts swearing for your ancestors.


What did my father do to desaf this?

5. After everything, this girl still puts your name in ‘names of noise makers.’


Is it because I am trying to toast you? Rubbish and nonsense.

6. So you block her after class to threaten her.


You better remove my name, or else…

7. But after all your threats, she doesn’t give a damn.


Oya please now, all those things I’m saying is just joking sturv.

You still go and block her in her house, but now, she says she’s going to date you on one condition.

8. Go and bring all your notes, and make sure they are complete.


Issnor government work. I cannot come and die.

Later, she gives you chance for two of you to start something. And two of you start loving yourself like baby boy and baby girl. And your chilling spot is behind the class.

9. That moment when you and bae are behind the class and you hear “principal is coming.”Soldier1

You’ll be my Bonnie, and I’ll be your Clyde.

10. How the teachers are marching to your class with cane to fish out the culprits.


Waawu. What happened next?

To be continued


That’s what Falz told us too.

Watch the short film here:



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