If you’ve ever been to a bus park, you can relate to these 11 photos

Travelling by road in Nigeria could be an awesome experience or a horrible one, depending on factors like the state of the roads and the mood of the driver. Here are some things you can relate to if you’ve ever travelled from a bus park.

1. When you get to the park and they are selling everything from books to land there.




Please do you have salvation?

2. Keeping eye contact away from hawkers else they walk up to you to sell you stuff like you know them before.


Fat kid with cup


I’m not buying please.

3. When you buy a bible at the park so you won’t have accident or enter hell fire.




Lord forgive me, I’ll never sin again.

4. When you give a beggar money and he keeps coming back, it begins to feel embarrassing.




Excuse me please…?

5. When you keep looking for the most attractive person to sit beside.


family matters search


Could be potential bae.

6. Then you spend the rest of the trip insecure in the belief that they are watching all your actions.




Who sent me message now?

7. So you don’t buy the gala when they bring it because you’re supposed to be a fillet mignon type.

Kanye Laugh


Suffering and smiling.

8. When you buy recharge card that has already been used then the bus starts moving.


shock phone


One chance.

9. When you’re silently praying to God that they actually have no reason whatsoever to actually use that passenger manifest you always fill.


Nervous gif


Hello? Is the the father of…God forbid.

10. When the Pastor’s prayer is taking to long and you want start complaining.




But pastor…?

11. But you remember that it is you everyone will blame you if anything bad happens on the road.


sealed lips


Muzzbe Lucifer.



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