If you’ve been broke before, you can relate to these 12 photos

There’s nothing remotely cool about being broke. Everything just gets hard. There’ll be headaches with unexplainable origins; even your clothes start to feel it and begin to tear at the seams. Let’s not even talk about how your shoes start to open mouth.

If you’ve been broke before;

1. You tell your friends you don’t like going out much.

why the fuck you lying

But they all know it’s only because you don’t have spending money.

2. When you know deep down anybody trying to rob you is wasting time.

Jordan laughing

3. Then you remember they might just vex and shoot you for being broke.

Jordan Crying

4. When you go and eat at Mai Shayi and tell him to add plenty pepper.

Dog water

So you can drink plenty water and be filled.

5. You still lie about being a student so you can watch cheaper movies at the cinema.

Patience Olu Jacobs

6. You’re starting to believe Baba Ijebu and online betting will make you Dangote overnight.

Betting Gif

7. You are tapping light from your neighbour because you can’t pay for electricity.


8. You tell your friend to help you transfer 100 Naira so you can be able to withdraw 1000 naira from the ATM.

9. You tell everybody you love trekking, because fit fam.


But in fact you trek 50 Naira distance so you can use your only 50 Naira to take a bus.

10. You think cable TV is an unnecessary luxury. Why must man be vain all the time?

Everything sucks

11. You only go on dates in the first week of the month.

obama spraying moneyBecause, salary.

12. When you receive salary alert.

Kanye Laugh

Then you remember you have debts to pay.



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