If you’re going to date an Oyinbo person, get ready for these 13 struggles

1. You have to explain to everybody that you did it for love and not for Green Card

Just look at

What is wrong with you people?


2. Or that you didn’t it for money.




3. Your typical Nigerian father says he’s hungry but Oyinbo bae brings pancakes.

Odunlade shock

Daddy please eat it like that till she learns. Thank you.


4. You bring your Oyinbo bae to Nigeria, but you can’t travel back together, because visa struggle.

Hands on head

The bastard queues!


5. Your boyfriend takes you out on a group date with your friends and then asks aloud for the waiter to split the bill.confused

Is that how you used to do?


6. When your boyfriend kisses you in public thinking people will clap, but everybody is shouting Audhubillahi and Blood of Jesus!scream illuminati

Demonic children!


7. And then you have to tell him not to kiss you outside because somebody can vex and use Juju to scatter your happiness.

Jenifa fireball

Look who’s shouting blood of Jesus now.


8. Having to explain to them that in Nigeria soup and stew means two totally different things.
Betting Gif

Yes Love. Soup is for swallow. Stew if for rice.


9. Your Oyinbo girlfriend going into depression because all you do in Nigerian malls is window shop and drink ice-cream.

I dont want to live anymore

Calm down. That’s what our malls are for in Nigeria.


10.  Having to explain that the people praying and doing backflips are actually praying and not convulsing.

Shock newscaster

Yes Lord.

11. Your Oyinbo lover hears noise outside in the midnight and he want to do “hello? is anybody there?”


Honey you’ll just turn to yam.


12. All this while, your Oyinbo parent in-laws think you’re a gold-digger.

Bryan Cranston credit card

Baby this man is the African Prince we told you about.


13. But the day you hit them with that Jollof,

Oyinbo dancing

God bless you my child!



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