If you were looking for excuses to invest in MMM, we found some for you.

If you haven’t heard of MMM then you must be leaving under a rock, if you hadn’t considered investing in the company, then this recession must not be affecting you (congrats, leave your number in the comments section let’s send our account number). According to the ‘company’s’ site, they are a ‘community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the Global Fund of mutual aid.’ And their goal? ‘To destroy the world’s unjust financial system and create a financial apocalypse’. If you put your money in, you get a whooping 30% interest rate.

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Juzz like that


If you are worried that this might be a scam, even though the CBN has confirmed that it is, stop worrying. Here are eight excuses to get into it.

The founder Sergei Mavrodi, is a Russian criminal who was found guilty of defrauding investors, who could be more trustworthy?

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Carry on

Your middle name is Ojukokoro, and you just have to live up to your name no matter what.

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They are chasing you from your village, that’s why you want to invest your money in something a criminal founded .

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You have extra money to waste in this recession.

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  1. MMM is not a scam! People should wake up and realise this ….Yes one point in time, the govt might clamp down on it because they don’t pay tax unlike bet9ja, baba Ijebu who who run the same “Get rich quick ” model but haven’t gotten any press releases from the CBN simply because they pay tax, mmm isn’t a physical company here in Nigeria and so they cannot pay tax!

    Yes its risky, but it has liberated alot of people. If you earn your 30%, you’re free to walk out. #StopBadPublicity if you don’t know something, ask!

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