If you have ever felt insecure, you must surely recognise these 22 photos

1. Someone stares at your shirt in a weird way and you start to wonder if it is dirty.

Frank Donga

Did I wear the wrong shirt?


2. What about that time a lady called you small boy?



Do you know how old I am?



3. You are with bae and he won’t stop talking about another person’s beauty.






4. You’re with your babe and one guy is just being unnecessarily friendly with her.

Odunlade angry


Mr Man, try front.


5. When you go on a date with a girl and next thing she starts a Twitter thread with ‘There is this guy…’



Oh my God.


6. You are alone with two people, they suddenly start laughing and you have no bloody idea why.

Raven symone4

What are you people laughing at?


7. You say your only competition is yourself but you won’t stop comparing yourself with other people.

Nene Leakes look at you




8. People have called you a short man for too long so you chase big girls to prove it is not by size.


Do your thing.


9. When you are talking to someone and you have to step back because you don’t trust your breath.




10. Sex with the lights on? Nah.



So that you can see my flabby body? No thanks.


11. When she suddenly decides to start providing the condoms after ten years of dating.


What exactly is she trying to say?


12. You made something you’re not sure is good so you start to condemn so no one else will have to.

crying little man

“Oh, I really didn’t want to do it o, but…”


13. In University when you know you only graduated with a second class because of your mummy’s prayers.

Kanye sad

So useless I am.


14. You’re struggling with question 1 in an exam and somebody goes to collect extra sheet.





15. “Plumber 2” is calling your bae at midnight and you start to wonder which pipe they are fixing.

Or is Edible Catering back from the dead?


16. One selfie is never enough. Just because there’s not enough light on your face to make you look attractive

Selfie gif

Where are my filters?


17. You feel too fat, or too thin, or too short, or too tall, or too whatever-it-is-that-keeps-you-up-at-night.



Lemme kuku just disappear.


18. When you start to wonder if all those times she moaned during sex were all a lie.


Does that mean…?


19. When bae is randomly talking about how much a rich dude spent in one night.

Buhari palms together

*Screaming internally in minimum wage*


20. Waking up and suddenly realising you are now the ‘adult’ that teenagers are supposed to seek advice from.

Nervous gif

Please I’m still a child at heart.


21. You are scared to take any risks because you already believe you will fail.

chuzzu cry

Continue, failure prefect.


22. The worst? Never ever feeling good enough.

crazeclown cry


In the end, accepting who we are, appreciating our strengths, looking on the brighter side, and taking self love more seriously will save us all the trouble.





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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