If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, these 19 photos are for you

1. Your relationship is powered by the Internet.

nene leakes computer


Babe, can you hear me? It’s breaking.


2. And data costs money.

Sad Chiwetel


I don’t care.


3. You tell the people around you that selfies are rubbish.

Nene leakes time

So vain.


4. But you sneak away every hour to send hourly selfie updates.

Selfie fail

Sent 37th selfie of the day. Over.


5. You every time you see couples doing couple things.

Nene leakes side eye


You people should leave my front please.


6. You want to stop talking to them for a while, to help with the torture.


This is too much for me to handle.


7. But then you can’t do without them again.

Hands on head

Kuku kill me.


8. Some days you just can’t deal with the frustration and you start vexing anyhow.

angry frustrated screaming


Hay God.


9. When you get lectured about how long distance relationships don’t last.

Nene leakes hi haters

Is it your relationship?


10. And then someone comes to ask, “What if they are cheating on you?”





11. You need to work out creative methods to be romantic, every time.

tongue out silly


Babe, I’mma be a clown for you.


12. When you completely run out of things to say, every time.

sad boy


“Nothing, you?”

“Nothing too.”


13. When your bae tells you they are a little busy at an event so you just say “Okay have fun”.



I have been dumped.


14. Everybody thinks you are just a phone addict but they dunno your story. They dunno.

kanye shake head gif


Bae is on the other side.

15. When you promise to always be there, but you know you can’t be there. At all.

Promise to be there




17. When bae is finally coming.





18. The nervousness that hits you just a few hours to seeing bae.

Nervous gif


What if none of this is real?


19. When you finally see bae.





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.


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