If you hate Maths, you can relate to these 13 photos

Millions of people all over the world hate Mathematics so much so it is a wonder it is still studied in schools.

If you don’t have a clue what Maths is about or you simply hate it, these photos are for you.

1. When you told your mum you had a nightmare and you showed her what you dreamt about.


2. In secondary school when you run to Arts class, but Maths is waiting for you there.


3. When you are in Arts class and a teacher says “bring out your maths set.”

Obama break doorI’m done. I’m going to be an armed robber.

4. When the teacher actually calls your work impressive.


5. When you realise that you are still going to take Maths in University.

Fainted gif

Don’t panic. It’s just Statistics.

6. That time you believed that Statistics is not Maths until you entered the first class.

Betting Gif

7. When the only maths you really understand is “Wale ate two bunches of banana, how many are left if there were 50 bunches?”


8. When you listen to a motivational speaker say “If you think it, you can do it!”, so you try to apply it.

Maths is sexy

9. But you still don’t know shit.


10. Your defense when people ask you why you hate Maths.


11. Then your bae starts cheating on you but you cannot put 2 and 2 together.

confused baby

Because Maths just had to creep into your relationship.

12. When you say you hate Maths but they expect you not to know how to count money.

Nene neck

13. One day your child tells you to come and help her with maths.


My friend will you go and meet your mummy?!



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