If you ever had the sex conversation with your Nigerian parents, you can relate to these 10 photos

There are few things more awkward than discussing sex with Nigerian parents. If you have ever had that conversation, here are a few things you can relate with:


1. When you are a boy and your father tells you, “If you get a girl pregnant, you wee end up selling Gala and La Casera.”

Kanye sad

2. Or you are a girl and they tell you “If a boy should touch you, you will get pregnant and die.”

nene l

3. But you check her old University album and you see your mum hugging a man that is not your father.

Nene Leakes

4. When your mum starts with, ”So how is your girlfriend?”

Jordan laughing

5. But she tells your sister, “If I see you with any boy, you are dead!”

confused baby

6. When they see you in a picture with a girl and they start telling you how you have a long career ahead of you and you need to focus.


7. When you are watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene starts…

Kanye Laugh

8. Or your mum steps out and daddy dearest starts talking about his body count in his days.

Ice Cube ehn

9. When your mum is talking about how other teenagers should emulate you because you’re a good boy.

Fat kid with cup

10. But everywhere they know you as Okunrin meta.


Leave trash o jare.



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