If you ever had Malaria, you can relate to these 11 photos

Its World Malaria Day in 2016 and Africa still remains the biggest casualty of this killer.

Hands on head

You don’t want to fall sick in a Nigerian home, because your mum will always be nearby to make sure you scale through, by any means necessary. Even if that means making your life miserable.


1. When you start to develop a fever and you don’t want your mum to find out.


Hay God. The drugs.


2. When she finally finds out you’ve been hiding.

Michelle you want to kill me


Oya take medicine.

The unending drugs.

chuzzu cry

Oya open your mouth. Lemme see that you’ve swallowed.


And the plenty pepper you eat.

Sweating man

Sweat out the malaria.

When your symptoms disappear but she still won’t take her eyes off you.

Michelle AGama


Are you sure you’re well now?


When she catches you sleeping in the afternoon.


What happened? Are you weak? Is it the Malaria?


Or saying you don’t feel like eating.


Open your mouth. Oya swallow.


When she sees you pressing phone.

Okonjo phone


Or walking in the sun.


Don’t kill me, I dinnor kill my mother!


Or just breathing.

Patience sun



Then you realise that maybe if she didn’t watch over you like she did, you would have become one of the statistics that Malaria has made millions of children become.

Last year, 305, 000 children died before they clocked 5, thanks to malaria. Malaria is the enemy, fight it everywhere and any way you can.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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