If you dream it (and your boss is Stella Oduah), you can be a housemaid and become a billionaire

Fellow Nigerians, whatever your dreams are, know that on this day, they are valid.

Dammy Krane Prayer


Stella Oduah has had such an interesting streak in Nigerian news. From her bulletproof SUV stories as Aviation minister, she is now a senator representing Anambra State at the House of Assembly.

Stella Oduah

You see, Stella Oduah likes to give back, we’re sure her thanksgiving service was great sef. In fact, her official website says she “engaged in a simultaneous thanksgiving outing in churches covering almost all Christian denominations in Anambra North Senatorial District after her electoral victory”.


photo: .lipstickalley
photo: .lipstickalley

Now Stella didn’t stop there. She decided to give back to society, and so she opened an account in the name of her housemaid, and put N2.5 billion in it.



When they said Oluwa pick up the call, this is what they meant. Imagine the housemaid like,

dance woman


All her village people will gather like,


But there’s a problem, while she scrubbed the bathroom tiles, and cleaned the house, and made the food, she had no idea that there was an account with that much money in her name.

Wollup Gif


Wollop. According to Sahara Reporters, the account was opened in her name and had only one signatory. Guess who?Nod


You guessed right. Stella Oduah.

Black woman shock


According to Sahara Reporters and their EFCC source, not only did she open the account in her maid’s name, the discovery meant that she siphoned about N5.6 billion naira.


They also say that she has been trying to set up a meeting with the EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu, but the man has been avoiding her like,

Fat kid with cup


In all these, we can’t help but think about what must have been going through the maid’s mind. She’d probably be saying;

1. Lord, is it because I said make me rich and I didn’t add “show me the money” that you kept this away from me?

crying woman


2. Are they going to pity me for emotional trauma and dash me only like 25 million.

Caleon cry



3. When madam was saying ‘good job’, was she saying it because I was scrubbing the bathroom tiles well, or because my name was helping her to scrub 2.5 billion?

chuzzu cry


4. Is this life?

crying little man


What would you do if you were the maid?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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