If you are single (and tired of being,) this Twitter thread is all you need

One of the biggest struggles in this life for many young people is the relationship status things.

AdekunleGold single


But someone on Twitter decided to start a thread to ‘help out’:


And the responses were outright hilarious.

There was the flawless one who wasn’t as flawless as you’d think.


And the ones already on their knees.


This one was dropping expo.


Pure, unadulterated happiness.



And this one is saying there will be no debts.


Just. Have. Breast.



Proceed with caution.



Bow down ladies.


Just epp.


Start saving for bride price guys.


If it is marine spirit you want, come and collect.


Yes, yes. One woman can still be polygamy.


Meet a man with a plan.


This life is mysterious.


Get ready for the trip of your life.



And meet the woman with the perfect plan to send you back to your village.


Are you ready?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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