If you are a vegetarian in Nigeria, get ready for these 17 struggles

1. What do you mean you don’t eat meat?

Odunlade shock


Are you sick?


2. What do you now use to cook soup?

Nene neck


Only onions and pepper?


3. Are you on a diet?

confused baby

Or maybe you have diabetes.


4. Do you know what vegetarian means in my native language?

Just look at

Ewu. Eranko. Dabba.


5. When you tell your dad the vegan life is healthy

Lechero foolish


So you’re saying I don’t have sense as I’m eating meat abi?


6. Is that the condition they gave you where you went to do money rituals?

babalawo meat

But where is the money?


7. So you mean no Sallah ram or Christmas chicken for you?

kanye shake head gif

How do you now celebrate?


8. Are you a goat?

wait what

Since its only leaf you’re eating.


9. If you’re not a goat why are you now dragging their food with them?




10. If you don’t eat animals because you love them, then why do you eat Jollof rice?


We need to know where you stand.


11. When you tell your mum that you’re vegetarian.

Michelle you want to kill me


How will you survive if you don’t it meat?


12. When you say it in public that you’re a vegan

many hands on head

Can we please have a moment of silence?


13. You can eat plants but you can’t eat animals. Are they not both living things?



No comments.


14. No Nkwobi? Isi Ewu? Suya nko?

crazeclown cry


Are you a sad human being?


15. Wait, so you’re saying you don’t eat aaaany meat?

Shaq wiggle gif


16. When you enter  a Buka and ask for vegan soup.

See this one


You can have egusi, but we cooked it with meat stock if you don’t mind.


17. Wait, did you just say you’re Nigerian?




You’re officially denounced.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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