If Beyonce, Chris Brown and Rihanna were African, they’d look like these 10 photos

We are not sure who gave the order. Although we have a suspect


What we do know is that someone from Ghana is running the operation.

This is how he’s doing it; he’s snatching them and giving them African identities.

Here are some people already in the program.

Mazi ‘Odinaka’ Rosey

Rick Ross_Dennis

And we found him a Nigerian father in Nollywood, actor Emeka Ani

Emeka Ani

There’s also Nicki ‘Maame Akua Amponsah’

Nicki Maame_Dennis


And then there’s Meagan ‘Omotola’ Good

Meagan Good

And Chief Shawn ‘Ugonna’ Jay Z Carter

Jay Z_Dennis


What we found disturbing is this

Meagan Good_Dennis


At least now we know what Bey was verifying,

Beyonce peeping Jay Z


It also makes sense that Beyonce ‘Lankenua’ Carter got shipped to the other end of the Continent. Could it be a sign?




Look! She’s distant relatives with Robyn Rihanna ‘Amahle’ Fenty

As long as Chris ‘Kofi Sarpong’ Brown is nowhere close, there should be world peace

Chris Brown_Down

Interestingly, they say Drake is Nigerian. Explains a lot


And Diddy is the nosy neighbour next door


Someone claimed responsibility; one Dennis Owusu-Ansah. To find more of his operations, check his instagram @dennis_ow



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