How to choose the right bridesmaids for a drama-free wedding!

Hi Guys! Welcome back to another episode of Get Wedding Ready with Wura Manola. Today’s video (HERE) is a juicy one! I discuss how to choose the right bridesmaids by describing the type of friends we have and whether they are suitable to be our bridesmaids or not.

Remember, choosing the right bridesmaids can make or break your wedding planning experience. You want to choose people who would go above and beyond for you, people who have your best interest at heart and people who want to see you happy. Now let’s break these bridesmaids down one by one. The 10 types of bridesmaids are:

  1. The Diva – This type of bridesmaids demands unnecessary things and she is not willing to go above and beyond. She is a queen and princess in her head and sometimes forgets that it is not her wedding. The verdict: If this person is not family or an old friend, they don’t have to be your bridesmaids
  2. Little Miss Stingy: This bridesmaid does not want to pay for anything. She is the type that will want to do everything her self to save money and this can be frustrating for you as you want everything to be uniform.
    The Verdict: This person can frustrate you as the bride, you might not want to choose them as a bridesmaid
  3. The No-shows: We all have that one friend that doesn’t have their priority right, they don’t reply or chats, texts, don’t bother showing up for bridal appointments or meetings
    The Verdict: This person should absolutely not be your bridesmaids, you need reliable people
  4. The Complainer: These type of people like to complain. They complain about any and everything and as a bride this can be off putting
    The verdict: They will complain about everything you choose, they are better off coming as guests
  5. Debbie Downer – These type of bridesmaids are always in a mood, we have to constantly keep asking if they are okay. As a bride your bridesmaids are supposed to bring life to your wedding not suck the life out of it
    The Verdict: You shouldn’t babysit anyone, your wedding planning process is already stressful, that;s a no from me
  6. Not in a good space: We all go through break ups and heartbreak, a good friend will not let this ruin your day but as a good friend you need to decide if you want that person to be a bridesmaids, it might be a sensitive period
    The verdict: If this person is throwing negativity at you and your wedding, cut it, cut it. Only choose this person if they are okay with being a bridesmaid and make sure you are prepared to be understanding
  7. Turn Up queen: Everyone needs a turn up queen on their bridal party! You know, those people who bring life to the party! You need someone like this to ensure all your pre-wedding parties will be lit!
    The verdict: YES!
  8. The self-appointed maid of honour – This type of bridesmaids is good for us brides but will irritate the rest of the bridesmaids.
    The Verdict: You should have one, but just make sure you speak to her and your bridesmaids to make sure there is no drama.
  9. The one everyone hates: We all have that one friend that everyone seems to hate, they are probably not nice and run their mouth and are always caught up in drama
    The Verdict: Do not bring that drama to your wedding!
  10. The Jealous one: This type of friend is jealous of you and wants what you have. She might say somethings and do somethings that are unacceptable and questionable.
    The Verdict: Run away from this type of friend/bridesmaid. they are not your friend and do not want the best for you!

Make sure you choose the right bridesmaids! If you choose any of the listed make sure you know how to manage them and it will be at your own risk. Remember that bridesmaids are supposed to help you and not add stress to your wedding. I wish you a happy wedding planning process!




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