God cooked the sweetest meal for Becky and Ugo (pre-wedding photos)

We are pleased to share with you these gorgeous pre-wedding pictures of Becky and Ugo.

Love Story:

I relocated to Lagos from Port-Harcourt 1st week in October 2015 for a new Job, My second week in the job which was on the 15th of October 2015, was the day I met my amazing special package sent to me by GOD(my hubby). If someone had told me he will be my husband today, i would never have believed it, because he was one very difficult client to relate with. As a Property Consultant/Sales executive, I knew i needed to crack the nut to hit my target, i was busy chasing target, while God was cooking the sweetest meal ever for me.

Well back to the story, Good enough for me on his return back to Nigeria from Work in November, he called me and asked for an official date with him. The connection during the date was off the hook, the conversation,the laughter and smiles.

We got to know a lot about ourselves especially the fact that we are of the same tribe, we became good friends and we officially started dating in January 2016 and on the 14th of February 2017 he asked me to ‘BE HIS WIFE’ in the same place were we had our first date(intercontinental hotel)and I gladly said yes.


This is one relationship that’s been stress-free, With him, I am ME (Nothing like over packaging to impress him) he makes me laugh a lot, we play like kids and gist a lot, he tolerates my flaws, his literally my best friend, he believes so much in my brand and waters it like his own.

He is matured minded, he is Calm and Patient, very Calculative and hard-Working, he is a REAL MAN. Above all his got the Fear of God.
God saved the best for me.. #GodsTime indeed is the Best #BeU17.
So Lagos was good to me.

Pre-wedding photos:











Wedding photos:













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