Ghanaians finally beat Nigerians at something and we are not even angry

Whether it’s over jollof rice or football, there has been a life long feud between Nigerians and Ghanaians. While we might not always see eye to eye, with our favourite neighbours, we really have to give them this one.

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A fake US embassy which had been operating in Ghana, and issuing out visas for over ten years, was recently shut down. According to their state department, the fake embassy was not operated by the United States government, but by figures from both Ghanaian and Turkish organized crime rings and a Ghanaian attorney practicing immigration and criminal law. For ten years o!!


Although the embassy was fake, they had actually been issuing real visas, that had somehow been fraudulently obtained.

We know you are asking the same question we asked right now. How were they able to operate for over ten years without getting caught? Apparently well placed bribes, were frequently given out to local officials to turn a blind eye. And you thought Nigerians were the only corrupt people.


In this corruption game, we humbly accept our L. Dear Ghanaians, you are our ogas.

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