Germany generates so much electricity, they pay people to use power

No, this is not a joke. And no, Germans don’t have two heads. On Sunday May 8, Germany had so much power, that meters started to read minus. That means residents were paid to use electricity. Literally.


And that’s not the best part.

87% of that power is from renewable energy. What that means is that majority of Germany’s electricity is generated from solar, hydro, wind, and biomass sources. Now think about the last sun that nearly peeled your skull, or the last wind that wanted to carry you away. That’s electricity right there.

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And you know what 87% of their power generation is? 55 GW, or 55,000 mw. They normally generate a total of 67,000 MW.

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Germany has less than 85 million people, all with one head each. Nigeria has a 2019 dream of 10,000 MW, with over 170 million people, each having one head.

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Just last year, renewable energy was as low as 33% in Germany. It rose by 55% in one year.



Nope, its not magic. Its common sense leadership.

Angela Merkel its nothing



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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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