Bad sex, Lucifers…14 women tell us the brutally honest reason their last relationship ended


My boyfriend was cheating on me, and I decided to confront him. After all my ranting and ginger, fuckboy was like, “You know what, I’m actually tired. It’s over.” And I was just like:




I didn’t really like the guy from the beginning to be honest. I’m a six feeter, and this guy was about 5″5. He was just too far off, you know.

Black child

So my friends coincidentally started breaking up with their boyfriends and I thought, lemme just tow the line.



We were going through some sort of awkward phase, and I felt he was looking for a way out of the relationship, so I initiated the break up to give him one.

Odunlade shock

Turned out that wasn’t what he wanted.



He was a serial cheater.

Just look at

And really, the sex was bleh.



Dude came. He said he needed space. I later heard he’s being hanging out with his neighbour and that one is the new girlfriend. Saying he needed space was him breaking up with me.

Astronaut bye

Although I still held hope in my heart/head for like years. Because. Stupid moron.


But the real relationship when nobody was sad lasted maybe less than two years.Two years of me not knowing he was done. So I was forming bestie while he changed girlfriends up and down.



Is it weird that I can’t think of a reason?

Sad Chiwetel

Okay lemme try. I think from the start I never really loved him, I liked him, a lot. Which makes me a dick, but I didn’t really realize this till i was 2 months in. Not sure that makes sense or if I’m just making excuses but that’s it.
Then he got insecure, like really insecure and it made things worse. We were always arguing, I wasn’t patient with the entire relationship too.

Screaming woman

I messed up, he messed up. He lied about many things, things that are so random – things people would not normally lie about. It made me mad, the lies.

crashing down

All our issues gave me a good escape, I used them to stress on why we needed to end things.

Fuck this shit

He agreed because he thought it was because we couldn’t move past those arguments and the lies and the insecurities, he doesn’t know I just didn’t love him.

Faint guy

At least not the way I was supposed to. Not the way he loved me.



He was the very spawn of Lucifer, no jokes.

Hands on head1

Emotionally abusive and manipulative. Compulsive liar. Blatant cheat. In short, na principality.





Shitty communication. Basically we weren’t brutally honest/open with each other sha.



We had religious differences. We had to break up anyways but at the time it happened he said the pressure was too much for him so he had to end it. It happened on a Thursday.

tinubu wait for it

On Friday, I found nudes of the other woman on his phone. With messages from him replying just after he left me crying.wait what


Let’s just say Genotype is a bastard.



Religious differences, mostly.



He wanted to date other people and date me too.




I went into it not knowing what I wanted. Had to do with feeling like hey I’m ready to start dating or “answering” the male species. I was ready but “green” around the ears and therefore unaware of what I was able to do without or compromise over.



He was poor. He was literally poor. Living from hand to mouth plus he was old so no hope.

crying man

To make matters worse, he found out he had an 11 year old kid that lived in Ibadan. Boy had a damn accent.

No time


So tell us, why did your last relationship end?



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