Forget Batman vs Superman, these Nigerian comics hold so much promise

The vast vacuum that once existed in Nigeria’s modern storytelling art forms is filling up quickly. One popular form of storytelling is with comics, and Nigerians are working hard to not get left behind as they forge their own superheroes from the stories they grew up listening to, and forging new ones.

One of them is Vortex Comics, a team of artists and storytellers led by Somto Ajuluchukwu.

Even though they officially launched just June last year, one of their releases has garnered over 15,000 reads online.  

Speaking with Okay Africa, he said;

“It’s been an interesting journey so far. I felt like African stories needed to be told. It was important that we expose our culture. We decided to share our stories and our traditions and history with people.”

He also said;

“[We’re] bringing historical facts in, tradition in, and merging that with contemporary culture of what people would know about superheros.”

The Nigerian creative Renaissance is growing, and its stopping for no one.




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