#FoodStuff: All the street food John Boyega must eat before he leaves Lagos

John Boyega is coming to Lagos.

He might be going to church with his mummy every time, but he is not a pastor.

He’s just this guy; an amazing actor.




 Jollof monger.

Memo to John:

First, avoid all those foods with funny names that you can find in the Abroad and won’t even fill a plate.

1. We don’t know where you are going to stay, but anywhere you do, ask for bread and ewa agonyin.



This beans is made with care. Lots of it. Your soul needs it. And what better day to enjoy ewa sgonyin than with fine, hot Agege Bread?

agege bread

Eat it and you never know what Lady Luck might do to your life.


2. And boy, would you have tried anything if you haven’t tried street fries?


Try out the complete gang of fried yam, dodo, and akara. And you’re automatically ready for your next action film.

3. Ah, and what is street food with buns and puff-puff?


Puff-Puff tastes and feels like peace of mind. Buns on the other hand will make you feel like you can carry the world on your shoulders.


Nigerian Buns

So you see, the buns and puff-puff debate is like Ronaldo and Messi, or Amala and Pounded Yam. There’s no single conclusion on who is greater.


4. Try boli.

boli and groundnut 1


Whoever first thought it was a great idea to roast plantain, may the Force be with you.


5. Abacha.

Not the dictator. The African salad.

Abacha and ugba 1


There are people who will try to tell you negative things about Abacha, don’t listen to them. They are from the dark side.


6. And would we have talked about street food if we didn’t talk about the only good thing from the dark side?



Meet the King of the Night, Suya.


What else would you recommend for John?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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