Five People You Shouldn’t Invite For Your Wedding | Ojatula Opeyemi

Your wedding is one of the happiest and most personal events you’ll have, and it is okay if you don’t want to share these precious moments with just anybody. So, before anyone tries to guilt-trip you into thinking you did a very bad thing, here’s a list of people you really don’t need to invite to your wedding.

Distant Relatives

These are the people your parents introduced to you when you were two years old and have never been around ever since. You don’t have to fall under the pressure of your parents to get you to invite them. Also, ignore any statements that involve you not inviting them to your wedding. For what it’s worth, you don’t need that negative energy.


These ones talk behind your back just as much as they talk to you. If it’s an open secret that they are obviously jealous of your entire life, it’s best to keep them off your list. They could also be people you cannot avoid but you don’t like the vibe they bring. You shouldn’t have to see their faces on a day like your wedding day. Keep them off your invite list.

Friends you haven’t been in touch with

It could be some random friends or people you talked with once upon a time. In fact, you may have had a best friend in primary or secondary school and you fell apart right after that. Maybe you forgot them, maybe you didn’t, but they didn’t get invited. There’s no point moping about it. Most times, these people have been so distant from your life that they don’t even know who your partner is. So it’s totally fine if you don’t invite them.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram friends.

These are people you are merely familiar with online. They haven’t been actively involved in your private life so why start now? They’ll see the wedding pictures if you post, and they’ll leave nice comments. That’s very sufficient.

Your Random colleagues

Even though you spend most of your hours with them, it does not give them an edge. If you do not relate beyond office matters, then you are free to scrap them off your list.

Written by Ojatula Opeyemi



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